Construction AsphaltCalcium Carbonate improves cohesion & workability

Calcium carbonate is used as a multi-purpose filler/anti-strip agent when added to asphalt. Although hydrated lime's properties as an anti-strip agent have long been known, it is important for other reasons too. Lime stiffens the binder and HMA to resist rutting, it enhances the ability to resist wear and tear and its resistance to fracture growth at low temperatures, it alters oxidation chemistry in the binder to minimise age hardening, and it changes clay fines to develop moisture stability and durability.

Mastic asphalt (hot rolled asphalt) is made by mixing bitumen, calcium carbonate filler, gravels and sand; the filler reduces moisture sensitivity. When added to the asphalt mix, calcium carbonate works to change the sand in order to enhance the mechanical resistance of the compound.

Limestone (ground calcium carbonate) has a specific purpose when used as a filler in asphalt mixtures. Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) has recently been developed as a high-performance asphalt. SMA requires a higher percentage of asphalt mineral filler to attain increased performance design constraints. Our products are designed to meet critical particle size requirements so that they may do their job at a cost-effective price.