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Our lime fertilisers & stock feed supplements are produced from all-natural limestone that is mined locally, ensuring a product that is effective, eco-friendly and completely environmentally sustainable.

And that's where Aglime Fertilisers come in. Aglime Fertilisers specialise in providing you with the knowledge and tools to address your specific soil conditioning & stock feed supplements.

  • Agricultural Lime
  • Calcium Stock Feed Supplements

We meet the market with quality graded calcium carbonate in price and lower delivery costs.

.Aglime 250 Superfine

Aglime 250 Superfine

Aglime's Superfine is graded for consistency and fineness to meet a broad range agricultural needs.

Superfine is an ideal soil conditioner that will work to reduce soil acidity, introduce and maintain crucial nutrients.

Lime assists to produce bigger and better crop yields.

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.Aglime Stock Feed Supplements

Calcium Feed Supplements

AGLIME Stock Feed Supplements are an excellent concentrated source of calcium for stock and poultry.

Our feed supplements have a calcium availability of 38.5%

Calcium rich Stock Feed Products are available in three different grades relevant to applications.

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.Lime is the frontline in fighting soil acidity

Soils throughout southern New South Wales have experienced elevated levels of acidity in recent years. High soil acidity leads to a number of problems for agricultural operations, including increased erosion, crop vulnerability to fungal diseases, and increased soil toxicity. A number of factors have contributed to this ongoing problem::

  • the prevalence of toxic residues from harsh chemical fertilisers
  • improper crop rotation and sequencing
  • soil and clover leaching

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.FACTS - Department of Agriculture

Preliminary research show more rapid changes in soil pH when lime has been applied in the previous spring compared with soils limed in autumn.

Research conducted by the Department of Agriculture shows that liming to treat acid soils is just as important for pastures as for crops.

Pasture production was 70% greater where 2 t/ha lime had been applied 9 years earlier in a trial at Bindi Bindi. The increased productivity resulted from less acidic soil with lower aluminum.

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