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Aglime Industries has grown into a manufacturer of a variety of lime-based products by utilising only the best quality limestone, found in the Southern Highlands. Located in Marulan, our new plant serves our clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to agriculture.

We've built our reputation on not only the quality of our lime but also on our technical expertise, commitment to product development, and our tradition of customer service.

Our good name rests on the superiority of the lime we extract, but our knowledge and excellence in customer service – not to mention our commitment to developing new products – play a major part, too.

Some of the most essential materials utilised in the manufacturing and construction fields are fillers and extenders created from calcium carbonate.

Discover the multitude of uses of calcium by browsing our site – you might be surprised! As you look you'll discover a wealth of material on the uses of ground calcium carbonate[. Learn what these uses are, how they are implemented in the various industries and how they contribute to the functioning of our client's products.

Customised minerals to suit broad applications