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Nowadays, extenders produced by Aglime Industries are utilised in paints and coatings for cars, timber, exterior and interior surfaces of buildings, printing, inks, industrial coatings and powder coatings. Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is the most popular extender mineral for coatings. It is the most cost-effective, it is very bright, and can be manufactured in an array of particle size distributions.

Coatings & Adhesives

GCC is mostly used as a filler in architectural or decorative coatings. Although used mainly in interior paints, it can be found in exterior paints also. If a paint needs to be less expensive, and repainting sooner rather than later is not an issue, GCC is used as a suitable filler. However it's also found in the more expensive flat or matte paints, too.

Calcium carbonates displaying high brightness are utilised for ceiling paints and uses where high dry hiding is required, and these paints are manufactured above the critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC). With the addition of at least two grades of different sized particles, the particle size distribution of the filler is altered and so manufacturers can change the flatness of the finish of interior architectural paints. Furthermore, the scrub-ability of the final coating is enhanced. As long as the pigment volume concentration (PVC) is not too high, GCC can also be used in exterior paints. The PVC must be low enough so that, with the presence of enough binder, the coating does not become too absorbent in the future.

.Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings are utilised on the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. Other names for architectural coatings are trade-sales paints, decorative coatings, building paints, and DIY (do it yourself) paints. This also encompasses the semi-transparent and opaque stains for timber. These are the coatings most commonly seen, used, and applied.

Ground calcium carbonate (or GCC) is contained in decorative coatings and fulfils the role of fillers or extenders. Its prime purpose is to reduce expenses by extending the efficiency of the more expensive colour pigments, reduce the amount of pigment required to produce the preferred colour, and filling in the gaps in the pain so as to minimise the need for resins and/or solvents.

.Industrial Coatings

Paints that are factory-applied to manufactured goods as part of the production process are commonly called industrial coatings. These paints are also referred to as original equipment manufacture (OEM) coatings, or product finishes. For instance, the coatings used on cars, white goods, farm equipment, furniture, and metal building products would utilise OEM coatings. These paints tend to be used in controlled environments, using strict quality control processes.

GCCs are also cost-effective extenders added to road-marking and traffic-paint preparations to reduce expenditure, while still meeting the optical specifications for the finished film.

Unlike architectural coatings, industrial coatings will integrate extender pigments for other reasons, as well as cost reduction. These preparations quite often utilise minerals that will enhance functionality or performance.