Plastics & RubberGround Calcium Carbonatein Plastics & Rubber

Resources containing calcium carbonate have been recognised for some time now as being able to increase performance and act as a filler in rubber and plastic applications. It offers surface gloss and opacity as well as lowering the cost of preparation. By precisely monitoring the particle size to a fine median particle size and a minimum top size, impact strength and flexural modulus are improved. These are enhanced more when an appropriate surface treatment on the fine ground calcium carbonate is added. The filler in the resin system is improved by the surface treatment also.

Uses for Ground Calcium Carbonate in Plastics

Ground calcium carbonate is able to be integrated into a number of resin systems including, but not limited to, rigid and flexible polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, unsaturated polyesters, polyester, polyurethane, nylon, and polyacrylate. Within these systems, the ground calcium carbonate can be used in coatings and adhesives and calcium carbonate fillers and extenders.

  • Impact modifier, filler and opacifier in PE compounds
  • Impact modifier, filler and opacifier in PP compounds
  • Reinforcing filler for HDPE
  • Filler in flexible PVC wire and cable coverings
  • Promoter of gas and vapor permeability in breathable LLDPE film
  • Antiblock in low clarity LLDPE film
  • Impact modifier and filler in rigid PVC potable water pipe
  • Impact modifier and filler in rigid PVC general purpose pipe
  • Shrinkage control, mechanical property enhancement in SMC/BMC, unsaturated polyester compounds
  • Resin extender for polyolefins, pvc and engineering resins
  • Reinforcing filler for nylon